Landauer Radiopharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

Landauer Radiopharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (LDRP) is a dedicated business unit that exists under the Landauer® Australasia Pty Ltd banner. LDRP is set up to service the Australian and New Zealand Nuclear Medicine market through distribution of specialised radiopharmaceuticals, PET products and ancillary Nuclear Medicine products. Management of LDRP is administered by fully qualified personnel that have over 40 years of combined clinical and commercial Nuclear Medicine experience and the business seeks to use that experience to become a major provider to the Nuclear Medicine community.


Curium was formed through the union of IBA Molecular and Mallinckrodt Nuclear Medicine in April 2017.

Curium is a world-class nuclear medicine solutions provider with over 100 years of industry experience. We service over 14 million patients worldwide each year and strive to provide best-in-class products and exceptional, reliable service.

The Curium name emphasizes two important aspects:

  1. It recalls the pioneering spirit and radiation research performed by Marie and Pierre Curie.  We want to be a catalyst of Nuclear Medicine industry growth and support increasing its role in global healthcare.
  2. It clearly states our focus on Nuclear Medicine. We will continue to concentrate our resources and investments to contribute to our great industry.

Visually, the Curium identity conveys a sense of continuity and advancement along the patient care continuum. Our brand tagline, Life Forward, sums up our commitment to our customers and the industry we serve by enhancing the quality of health outcomes through patient care, life-saving diagnostics and treatment.

We have been dedicated to serving the Nuclear Medicine industry since the 1960s and will continue to build on that proven heritage. We now deliver to more than 6,000 clients in 70 countries. Curium has the largest, vertically integrated radiopharmaceutical manufacturing network in the industry, including one global Molybdenum production facility, three large SPECT manufacturing facilities, 17 PET radio pharmacies and 20 SPECT radio pharmacies.

Through exceptional service reliability and dedication to our industry, we will build and foster long term strategic relationships with our customers. Our goal is to be a trusted partner who contributes to your future business growth and sustainability.

As a customer, you can continue to expect best-in-class products delivered with superior reliability, access to a large product portfolio, a relentless pursuit of stable isotope supply (such as Mo-99), and a commitment to develop and launch new products.