Curium Indium Chloride

Curium Indium Chloride

Indium In-111 Chloride Sterile Solution

Indium In-111 Chloride Sterile Solution is supplied as a sterile, non-pyrogenic solution of Indium )In-111) Chloride in 0.05 molar hydrochloric acid. No carrier has been added to the solution. Mallinckrodt offer flexibility when ordering, offering three different activity sizes to meet all imaging requirements.

Available sizes include;

4901-3 Indium Chloride 111 MBq
4901-5 Indium Chloride 185 MBq
4901-10 Indium Chloride 370 MBq


Indium In-111 Chloride Sterile Solution is indicated for radiolabeling OncoScint CR/OV, Myoscint and ProstaScint preparations used for in vivo diagnostic imaging procedures.

Chemical Formula

Each 0.5 ml of the solution contains 185 MBq (5 milicuries) of Indium Chloride In-111 at time of calibration (specific activity of 1.85 GBq/µg Indium; >50mCi/µg Indium at theis time of calibration). The solution pH is 1.1 to 1.4. Dextrose Anhydrous 12mg in sterile water for injection.